The Moth's Education Program

The Moth’s Education Program provides storytelling techniques to students and educators. We believe that listening to stories can broaden our perspectives, cultivate empathy, help build confidence, and communication skills for our peers and communities. We have designed workshops that are accessible and inclusive spaces for story sharing for high school students, college students, and teachers.

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Our Programs

Moth Story Lab (Virtual & IRL)

Develop, practice, and share your personal narrative with our free, virtual out-of-school national storytelling workshop for high school students (grades 10-12). This 8-week workshop teaches the art and craft of true, personal storytelling (including games, brainstorming, and story crafting) and culminates in a final share.

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Moth Story Lab: College (Undergrad + Post)

Opportunities for students include 6-week virtual workshops and weekend intensives. Both include crafting your own Moth story.

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Residencies are for 10 - 12th grade students. We partner with schools and community-based organizations providing 8-week programs that culminate in a SLAM. Students get to learn the art and craft of personal storytelling. There will be snacks, games, brainstorming activities, and community building.

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Opportunities include professional development, curriculum partnership, and a teacher's guide to go along with our book 'All These Wonders.'

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Additional Resources

Curriculum Partners

Join Teachers Lounge where you’ll find The Moth Education Program’s curriculum that includes lesson plans, exercises, games and tools to help you bring true, personal storytelling to your students.

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Storytelling School Blog

Posted once monthly, the Storytelling School Blog is for educators, parents, and anyone else interested in learning more about story craft.

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